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Focus on your Business.

MONITORAPP is responsible for complete web security. Protect your business environment with Application Security Solutions of MONITORAPP.

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Business of MONITORAPP

Web Application Protection


SSL Visibillity


Data Protection


Cloud Security


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Web Application Protection
The Business environment over the Web. Protect your web applications at the top of your network layer.

Web Application Firewall

Most security incidents take place over the web, and in order to defend against web attacks, a dedicated web firewall system is required. AIWAF strongly defends various web attacks.

– Blocking Web attack strongly by Patented adaptive profiling and threat intelligence
– Industry-leading performance with patented Transparent Proxy technology
– It’s more convenient
– Intuitive UI and detailed reports
– Over 14 years focusing on WAF


Secure Web Gateway

We can’t see many sites that pose threats that undermine corporate assets and the secure working environment for internal users. AISWG is a web gateway that blocks harmful sites and prevents the information from being leaked.

– Protect internal users with effective detection and prevention of malicious URLs and files
– Prevent business loss by blocking non-business sites and information leakage
– Ensure maximum performance and availability
– Increased security with SSL traffic control
– Intuitive UI and various operational features

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Data Protection
Protect your database from countless approaches to corporate assets.

Database Firewall

DB, server, and personal information are the most important assets of the enterprise. The key to corporate security is to identify and protect corporate assets. Meet AIDFW, which protects your DB server across the board.

– Efficiently analyze/block and enhance real-time security features
– Monitoring everything for DB access & Powerful Rights/Access Control
– Intuitive UI and various report functions
– High Performance/Capacity Traffic Handling
– Easily meet the latest privacy compliance

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SSL Visibility
Provides visibility to see malicious codes hidden in encrypted traffic for complete security.

SSL Visibility Appliance

We now live in a world where more than 80% of communication is done with SSL. Can your security equipment take and handle SSL? AISVA addresses security blind spots and enhances the performance of security equipment providing full encryption & decryption performance.

– Works perfectly with any security equipment
– Full control of bidirectional SSL traffic
– Ensuring maximum speed
– Manage certificates quickly and easily
– Easy and free composition
– Flexible management

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CLOUD Security
The cloud infrastructure makes it easier and more agile to take advantage of security solutions.

Cloud-optimized web application firewall, WAF Virtual edition AIWAF-VE

You must choose the most ‘efficient’ solution utilizing your cloud environment resources the most. AIWAF-VE is a virtual web firewall optimized for cloud environments.

– Utilize AIWAF’s features and benefits in software form
– Add profile and threat intelligence to the highest-level proxy technology base to defend against powerful web attacks
– Optimize Your Cloud Environment
– Support for a variety of environments
– Ensuring service availability
– The largest number of customers in cloud based WAF

Cloud Optimized Secure Web Gateway, SWG Virtual edition

SWG is essential in protecting internal users in the enterprise. OR SWG is essential to protect internal users in the enterprise. With cloud environment resources, you can operate more efficiently. AISWG-VE is a virtual secure web gateway designed for cloud environments

– Uses AISWG’s features and benefits in software form
– Protect internal users with effective detection and prevention of malicious URLs and files
– Optimize your Cloud Environment
– Prevent information leakage and business loss by blocking non-business sites
– High availability
– Increased security with SSL traffic control
– Intuitive UI and various management features

Security as a service

Now you can enjoy security as a service.
It’s possible because there’s ‘cloud’.
MONITORAPP serviced its security solution through its secure SECaaS platform ‘AIONCLOUD’

– No installation costs, reduced administrative costs.
– Easy to install in 3 minutes
– Easy as much as you need and pay as much as you use
– Scale as much as you need and pay as much as you use
– Optimize website performance
– Latest Security

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