Adaptive Profiling

Monitorapp’s patented profiling technology accurately distinguishes between normal
and abnormal types through various learning data.

Using Profiling technology, it provides intelligent security technologies to help prevent unknown attacks or automatically establish complex security policies.
MONITORAPP uses profiling technology to complement the most commonly used signature matching methods and to effectively respond to new/modified malicious codes.
Adaptive Profiling technology classifies and detect/block untyped data as threats by analyzing the type of individual parameters and profiling requests that generate normal responses in user’s behavior, and to analyze the type of individual parameters.

– Profiling the request Generating normal response during web user behavior
– Analyze the type of individual parameters
– DB query / sentence profiling, etc.

profiling normal web traffic request
Profiling normal web traffic request
type analysis for individual parameters
Type analysis for individual parameters
DB query/ statement profiling
DB Query / Statement profiling
Profiling Technology
monitorapp's profiling technology graphic
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