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Cloud-Based Platform

Now you can enjoy Cloud-Based Security Platform as a Service.
Cloud service makes it all possible.
MONITORAPP services offer security solutions through its Cloud-Based platform AIONCLOUD

Cloud-Based Platform provides multiple controls and provides cloud-based protection for assets such as websites, applications, and repositories.
Enjoy security services with AIONCLOUD anywhere in the world.
AIONCLOUD offers a variety of security products a business needs in an integrated platform service, from website and web application security solutions to the SSE and ZTNA that securely protect your employees and internal resources anytime, anywhere. we provide WP(Website Protection) that integrated security service that protects corporate websites, web applications and APIs from various attacks, second SIA(Secure Internet Access) is SSE service that provides a secure web and cloud SaaS application environment to users anytime, anywhere. and last SRA(Secure Remote Access) is security service that provides safe access based on zero trust security model.
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No installation costs are required. It’s cost-effective.
AIONCLOUD can be used by selecting a security service as if it were shopping on the website without the installation of the product. No purchase and installation costs, and update costs are minimized.
AIONCLOUD registering process graphic
Service is available in 3 minutes.
AIONCLOUD is simple to use and apply to all web servers, regardless of geographic location. Enable the service through a simple registration process and DNS settings change. Unlike appliance-type web security solutions, AIONCLOUD does not require hardware and software. You only need to complete three steps to create an account, register a domain and change DNS settings before you can use the service. New features and policies are also easy to apply.
No technical knowledge required for operations.
AIONCLOUD provides simple policy settings and intuitive UI, making it easy for users to manage without IT expertise. It’s an easy-to-use UI, but you can monitor the status of websites such as traffic, attacks, and statistics in real-time. The drag-and-drop interface simplifies the setup of security policies. AIONCLOUD also eliminates the need for security personnel to protect your website.
AIONCLOUD UI on a laptop used by a boy
Scale as needed and pay only as much as you use.
AIONCLOUD’s infrastructure provides scalability, enabling you to grow or shrink your business on-demand. Pay as much as you use on your pay-as-you-go plan, and build your security system at a competitive price.
Website performance is optimized.
AIONCLOUD provides web acceleration to help optimize website performance by reducing latency and web traffic to prevent web server overload. Website traffic to the AIONCLOUD network passes only secure data to the Web server and clients. Accelerate Web traffic through a load balancer or Reverse proxy server. Large files are compressed, and web caching speeds up searches.
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Always keep up to date with threat intelligence.
AIONCLOUD works with threat intelligence to collect/analyze/share/update threat information to defend against Unknown Attack. Real-time Virtual Patch for new threat information keeps you up-to-date and top-of-the-line security features.
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