Application Firewall

Applications are the most important layer for modern business operations and
it’s the most vulnerable as well. Application vulnerabilities are also emerging as
application usage for the enterprise business continues to soar.
MONITORAPP supplies application firewalls to eliminate security threats
that exist in each application and provide continuity of service.

– Application security vulnerabilities are also emerging as application usage for the enterprise business continues to soar. An application Firewall specifics to the protected servers play a key role to prevent a variety of application security threats, and the security area of the applications is expanding.

– An application firewall is a type of firewall that controls the traffic of an application or service. Application Firewall uses a set of configured policies to determine whether to block or allow communication with apps. Traditional firewalls control the flow of data with the CPU to check each packet as it passes. Application firewalls are moving further by controlling the execution of files or code by a particular application. In this way, even if an intruder enters a network or server, it cannot execute malicious code.

– MONITORAPP provides dedicated firewalls specialized in Web and Database for business-critical application protection. Application firewalls eliminate the security threats that are vulnerable to each application and provide continuity of service.

When you need WAF
Most of the work in modern business is done through the Web and as a variety of applications connect to the Web, web application security has become a must, not an option. Web Application Firewall is at the heart of application security. The variety of attacks targeting Web servers is evolving every day.
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MONITORAPP’S Web Application Firewall, AIWAF
provides signature-based detection against attacks on web vulnerabilities, provides control and defense over profiling or anomalous web traffic, as well as machine learning analysis in conjunction with AICC to prevent unknown attacks. Offers strong security against abnormal access and sensitive information theft, as well as attacks on a variety of web vulnerabilities such as OWASP Top 10, SQL Injection, Application Explorer, and DDoS
When you need DFW
Due to the frequent leakage of personal information and the sensitivity of personal information, the importance of DB security to keep important data is being highlighted. The purpose of various attacks and deodorization is, after all Data Base Firewall, a security solution focused on databases, prevents invalid access to data.
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MONITORAPP’S Database Firewall,
manages the history of access control and access behavior of DB Servers, a repository of key information. AIDFW provides a strong user-based authority/access control and profile-based security policy through a complete query analysis, controlling abnormal DB access from outside and protecting key internal information assets with post-audit functions through access control.
When you need SWG
Watering holes, drive-by-downloads, and Mal-vertising(Mal – advertising) are the things that can be done during web-based attacks, where malicious codes can be downloaded to the users who visit the website or ad banner. We need a solution that will help you check the sites you’re visiting to avoid being harmed by an attack, check first to see if they’re not phishing sites, and make sure they’re accessible only to secure sites. Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is the solution that does this. SWG is rapidly being introduced around large enterprises and public institutions.
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MONITORAPP’S Secure Web Gateway,
is a secure web gateway to prevent corporate assets from being stolen by blocking access to malicious and non-business sites, including unwanted software and malicious code. Automated URL categoryizing with machining provides full URL filtering capabilities. It analyzes the body of the website as well as the attached files and software to block access.
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