Correlation Technology

Building a defense with just a single solution is not enough.
In order to build a omnidirectional security system, heterogeneous security event links push the limits of a single security solution.

As the threat of an attack evolves, a single security solution has a limitation to getting enough information to defend. Interconnecting events from heterogeneous security solutions allow you to create detailed defense policies beyond the limits of a single security solution.
In particular, for database security, 3Tier structures in the form of Web-WAS-DB are generally difficult to identify first-time users when access occurs through the application server, and it is difficult to respond to security threats at sufficient levels.
MONITORAPP Correlation Technology provides ample information for tracking first-time users and making better decisions through cross-relationships to events that occur in heterogeneous security solutions such as WEB and DB.

type analysis for individual parameters
Type analysis for individual parameters
DB query/ statement profiling
DB Query / Statement profiling
(Integrated security system by web-DB attack detection log data correlation tracking, patent number: 10-0937020)
Monitorapp's correlation technology graphic Correlation Technology
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