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Customer Support Service

MONITORAPP customer support team assists you in optimizing product settings and providing prompt troubleshooting through a differentiated maintenance program tailored to customer needs.

Customer support service
MONITORAPP ensures seamless technical support and maintenance through an organic collaboration with certified partners, MCR (MONITORAPP Certified Reseller), selected after rigorous technical support capability evaluations.
1) Confirmation of purchase and issuance of a license
The license is issued upon purchase. Products can run indefinitely, and free maintenance provided for one year(default).
2) Maintenance program
Maintenance contracts provide continuous security updates against new threats, and ensure technical support for your products. You can contact the vendor from which you purchased the product, or proceed through the official channel partner of MONITORAPP. Maintenance is updated on a yearly basis. Contact for more information.
3) RMA Policy
Defect maintenance for product defects will be provided free of charge for up to one year. Subsequently, only defect maintenance for product defects can be concluded separately.
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