Are there any significant internal information being leaked from your company?
MONITORAPP protects your assets from potential information leakage threats.

– DLP stands for Data Loss Prevention. Internal information leaks can cause huge losses to companies’ critical information assets and cause financial damage. It’s not just the IT department that takes a hit from the attack but it damages the company as a whole due to a huge loss of credibility which is the biggest asset to the business.

– Internal information is not only generated by external hacking, but also by intentional or accidental leaks from insiders. 50% of data leakage is ‘malicious cyber-attack’ such as hacking or DDoS, but 27% of data leakage due to ‘internal system fault’ and 23% of data is counted internally as ‘executive error'(2019,IBM). The introduction of DLP solutions is necessary to respond to the growing threats of valuable information.

– MONITORAPPs protect corporate information from the inside as well as the outside with network DLP solutions.

When you need SWG
The company’s internal assets can be leaked through the Web. Control of internal users should be done systemically through security solutions.
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from MONITORAPP blocks various data leaks through the Web. Support for custom character matching and regular expression prevents leakage of documents that are not allowed. It controls access to external mail, messenger, SNS, web-hard, FTP, and so on.
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