SECaaS Platform

NOW, people enjoy security as if they are shopping with services.
MONITORAPP’s SECaaS Platform enables the most efficient and reliable security services.

Monitorapp has a cloud security platform optimized for the SECaaS business.
The SECaaS Platform forms a multi-tenancy based service infrastructure through the interconnection of service gateway, security manager, security edge, and log collector, and provides security services in the form of SECaaS through various security service modules.
Monitorapp’s SECaaS brand, AIONCLOUD, provides cloud WAF, Website Malware Scanner (WMS), and cloud SWG services based on 16 global regions, 40 datacenter service infrastructures, and will continue to add security services.

AIONCLOUD security platform graphic AIONCLOUD Cloud Security Platform
Service Gateway
  • Authentication
  • Access Gateway
  • DNS Service
  • Service Routing
Security Manager
  • Account Management
  • Global Service Infra
  • Policy Management
  • Real-time Threat Updates
Log Collector
  • Distributed Database system
  • User Logs Consolidation
    • – Security/Traffic log
  • Interworking with User’s SIEM
Security Edge
  • Scalable Service Infra Edge
  • Reverse/Forward Proxy
  • Security Service Module
  • SSL Inspection Engine
  • Local Auth Gateway
AIONCLOUD Cloud Security Platform
AIONCLOUD security node world map AIONCLOUD Cloud Security Node
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