Partners advanced technical knowledge is a must.
MONITORAPP is dedicated to supporting the technological growth of our partners.

MONITORAPP runs training programs for engineers in charge of technical support for partner companies.
– Including MONITORAPP’s technical support and service team, MONITORAPP provides a training course received from experts.
– Information obtained during the training course enables customers to distribute products successfully and keep MONITORAPP’s security products and the whole solution.
– During all data education from MONITORAPP, classes are adjusted for specified goals. All training courses will be conducted by an expert who can solve complicated technical problems and detailed functions.

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2020 MONITORAPP Webinar Schedule
  • 2020-01-3016:00~17:00
    What is OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) and How MONITORAPP Effectively Protects Web Servers from Threats?
  • 2020-03-1716:00~17:00
    Best Way of Secure Internet Gateway with AISWG and Case Study
  • 2020-04-2816:00~17:00
    The Simple Way to Protect Your Website and Your Employees Working from Home
  • 2020-06-1116:00~17:00
    How to Effectively Visualize SSL Traffic with AISVA and How to Deploy.
  • 2020-11-1809:00~09:00
MONITORAPP will support you if you have any training on the subject you want.
If you send us your desired training requirements, we will apply through video or local training.
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