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MONITORAPP solutions are built on a reliable AIOS platform.
Individual solutions are being developed to deliver maximum efficiency and to be mutually organic.

AIOS (APPLICATION INSIGHT OPERATING SYSTEM) is a common platform for all MONITORAPP products. By maximizing product updates and management efficiency, AIOS is used as the basis for applying various security technologies (Proxy/Profiling/Correlation/TI) in MONITORAPP.
AIOS is the optimized traffic handling technology of its own packet driver, providing near-zero latency traffic processing technology. In addition, the Bypass module configured in AI_Sub Module helps maintain stable service in the event of a system failure.
AIOS consists of four elements:

Network Driver
Determines normal traffic out of total incoming traffic and pass it to AI_SOCK, bypass abnormal traffic
Packet Driver
Classify packets based on IP and port to communicate with the proxy engine. Provides various proxy configuration modes such as balancing role, sniffing, and mirroring to allocate proxy server according to defined policy.
Optimized TCP / IP Stack delivers targeted traffic to the proxy engine, packet flow control, and session information management
QAT Driver, OpenSSL Module for SSL traffic processing
External Library PCRE, XML, Json, etc.
HA Agent, Health Check, bypass module in case of failure, etc.
Monitorapp's integrated management interface graphi
Integrated Management Interface
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