Customer Support Service

Perfect technical support guaranteed along with the purchase of a product
for a desired application risk control.
A customized maintenance program will help you
to optimize configurations and quickly respond to failure.

MONITORAPP Customer support service
MONITORAPP ensures thorough technical support and maintenance via close cooperation with an authorized partner, MCR (MONITORAPP Certified Reseller) selected by an exhaustive technical support capability evaluation.
1) Confirmation of purchase and issuance of a license
The license is issued upon purchase. Products can run indefinitely, and free maintenance provided for one year.
2) Maintenance program
Maintenance contracts provide continuous security updates against new threats, and ensure technical support for your products. You can contact the vendor from which you purchased the product, or proceed through the official channel partner of MONITORAPP. Maintenance is updated on a yearly basis.
Term 1Year
Support Hours24*365
Way to SupportTellephone / Mail
S/W MaintenancePatch
Pattern Update
Minor Version Up
H/W MaintenanceRMA
Training1 Coupon for 1year
3) RMA Policy
Defect maintenance for product defects will be provided free of charge for up to one year. Subsequently, only defect maintenance for product defects can be concluded separately.
4) EOL Policy
MONITORAPP are developing products for a stable life cycle. Customers can anticipate and plan ahead of time by considering EOL
EOS, EOL policy graphic
– EOS (End of Sales) : Appliance product sales suspension
– EOL (End of Lifecycle) : Appliance product life expiration (Execution of Service)
A license issued at the same time as purchase to ensure safe use.
Maintenance policies ensure efficient product use after purchase.
Confirm purchase and issue license
To provide licenses for the permissions of the products provided by MONITORAPP, the following license policies are established and the services are provided based on the policy.
Activation Code, which is certified by the license server.
(32-digit number, code in the form of an alphabetic form)
Licenses can also be issued in the form of files depending on customer deployment

automatically apply to products when licenses are issued online and information is modified
License classification
1) Sales contract 
– Licensing unlimited drive of products and free pattern update for one year
2) Maintenance contract
– Extended pattern update period only on previously issued licenses
We will provide better products and services and try to minimize uncertainty about customer product introduction and operational planning through EOL policy.
product lifecycle will be reaching the end because of various reasons, such as deterioration, discontinued parts and technology changes. All MONITORAPP new security products are released approximately every 3 years, and new software and hardware can be changed or upgraded to improve the performance.
The customers using MONITORAPP’s product can be determined whether to upgrade the product or replace a new product based on MONITORAPP’s EOL policy. MONITORAPP is obliged to announce or recommend the replaceable new product’s information instead of the EOL product and we can offer special promotions to allow continued use of the product. You can also check EOL information through MONITORAPP website notice and e-mail if you sign up newsletters.
Milestones in a Product Lifecycle

– EOS (End of Sales) : discontinue sales of Appliance products.
– EOL (End of Lifecycle) : End of Appliance products life (Service ending)
※MONITORAPP make it a rule to announce beforehand about a change of policy and anytime have the permission to modify the policy.
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