Threat Intelligence Platform(AICC)

AI protects against threats at speeds beyond human intelligence.
MONITORAPP solutions evolve faster than threats linking to Threat Intelligence Platform AICC (Application Insight Cloud Center).

Hackers are evolving much more intelligently than in the past, and they need to share a variety of information, including advance intelligence and defense against attacks. That’s why the platform is called Threat Intelligence.
Security intelligence combines technologies such as signature/flat detection, full traffic inspection, and profiling, real-time information collection/sharing, third-party interaction, data mining, big data analytics, and more.
The security intelligence of MONITORAPP, Application Insight Cloud Center for Threat Intelligence (AICC), is configured/operated in cloud form and is enhanced through threat collection, analysis, processing, and sharing.
AICC collects and processes unstructured data from multiple sources to provide valuable information. This allows the user to share information obtained by post-analysis of the incident cases to respond to various new and modified attacks in the future.
Through So sharing the information that we obtained by post-analysis of the damage cases, this allows each solution to respond to a variety of new/modified attacks even in the future.

Monitorapp's AICC for TI structure graphic Structure of AICC for TI
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