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MONITORAPP issues a product license upon purchase, ensuring secure and efficient product usage post-purchase.
Confirm purchase and issue license
To provide licenses for the usage rights of products offered by MONITORAPP, we establish the following license policies and provide services in accordance with these policies.
Entering an Activation Code allows for authentication from the license server (a 32-character code consisting of a combination of numbers and letters). Depending on the customer’s deployment, it is also possible to issue licenses in the form of files.
Licenses are issued online, and when information is modified, it is automatically applied to the product.
Issued licenses:
1) Sales contract
– License issued for unlimited product operation and complimentary pattern updates for one year.
2) Lease contract
– License issued for unlimited product operation and pattern updates during the lease period.
3) Maintenance Contract
– Extension of pattern update period only for licenses previously issued.
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