Secure Web Gateway(SWG)

We can’t see with our eyes what sites pose threats to undermine corporate assets and the secure working environment for internal users.
AISWG is a secure web gateway that blocks harmful sites and prevents the information from being leaked.

AISWG can see invisible threats.
It blocks the way to the threat.
AISWG is a vital solution to protect corporate assets from various threats.
As we work more and more through the Web, we are exposed to many web sites that threaten asset and business productivity. Accessing non-business sites wastes valuable business hours, and visiting harmful websites with malicious codes may result in valuable corporate assets being taken away. In addition, improper web uploads information and leaks company assets easily. Secure Web Gateway (SWG) is the security solution for effectively controlling the use of the web itself to reduce corporate productivity and protect business assets. The secure web gateway detects the harmfulness of the website you want to visit, checks for suspicious links, make sure that you access only the secure website, and prevents you from uploading files via the web. Application Insight Secure Web Gateway (AISWG) is a secure web gate product that ensures the secure web environment and work-efficiency of internal users by blocking access to malicious and non-business sites, including unwanted software and malicious code. In other words, decryption and control of HTTPS and HTTPS traffic are possible, blocks non-working sites with URL filtering linked to threat intelligence, and prevents information leakage through the Web.
Block all paths to malicious web site.
AISWG defends against malicious code by blocking access to harmful and non-business sites through URL category filtering based on more than 1.4 billion URL DBs, while filtering URL catalogs to block harmful site access, or attachments containing malicious URLs. AISWG not only controls URL but also non-working and bypass applications. It protects personal information and corporate assets by blocking command-and-control communication by zombie PCs as well. AISWG works with AICC (AI Cloud Center for Threat Intelligence), a threat intelligence platform that monitors lab’s own, to increase the accuracy of URL filtering in real time. AICC runs MUD (malicious url detection) system that can visit web sites dynamically with high speed. AICC collects, analyzes, updates, and automatically categorizes the malicious URLs from the sites it visits to reflect them in AISWG. It can also proactively respond to known vulnerabilities by providing information about Drive by Download vulnerabilities and others.
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Prevent business losses.
AISWG increases business efficiency by monitoring internal client web access. Block access to non-working sites to reduce business loss. In particular, approximately 800 applications are controlled in 22 groups, including file transfer, remote access, VPN, Game, SNS, Mail, and Messenger. AISWG also has a function to prevent leakage of important internal information. It provides network-based DLP functionality to prevent leakage of personal information or internal documents of PC users.
Ensure performance and availability.
The patented Proxy Based Transparent Gateway Technology is configured without affecting the existing infrastructure and without assigning an IP. It guarantees high availability (HA) through redundancy. By limiting non-work-related traffic, you can increase overall network traffic availability.
SSL traffic controls enhance security
It provides all security functions including encryption and decryption for SSL traffic (HTTPS) on its own without a separate system and provides increased convenience for automatic certificate distribution for SSL encryption and decryption. Also, it improves security by providing a detection function for an invalid SSL certificate which is mainly used by C & C server or exploited web server.
A list of applications that cannot communicate through SSL due to certificate pinning is regularly updated. It also enables self-learning and bypassing by system settings apart from just the updated list, thus eliminating problems caused by certificate pinning.
Intuitive UI and various management features
Intuitive UI makes it easy to see what is happening in one glance. It helps you to set policies flexibly and easily by individual control rights to non-work-related sites, user-specific policy settings, exception URL settings and so on. You can also monitor real-time network traffic and system status.
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AISWG Brochure

Category filtering

+ Allow / block for malicious category
– 9 categories
– AI Cloud Center
– Malicious software
– Botnet
– Spam
– Abused site
– Phishing/Fraud
– Unanimous service
– Network error
– Unused domain
+ Allow / block for general category
– 57 Categories

Malicious site filtering

+ Blocking access to harmful sites according to the rating category of the Korea Communications Commission
– Malicious site detection
– Malicious site rating
– Regular expression detection
– IP detection
– URL detection
– String detection
Apply malicious site-specific policy
User defined keyword input function
Regular expression pattern input and check function

WEB filtering

+ Data leak prevention and payload control through keyword / content size checking for request / response
– Total content size
– Individual parameter size
– Personal information detection
– File upload / download detection
– Keyword search
– Search for regular expressions
User defined keyword input function
Regular expression pattern input and check function

Malicious code detection

+ Pattern-based detection of malicious code infiltrations in web response
– Redirect
– Command code
– Exploit Kit page
– JS obfuscation etc.
Bypass connection and application control

+ Non-standard web traffic control
– Traffic violating of RFC protocol detection
+ Non-HTTP control
– Block or bypass non web traffic when service port use web service port such as HTTP(80), HTTPS(443)
+ Proxy and bypass connection blocking
– Service port control (TCP/UDP)
– Anonymous(Tor, VPN Services) IP detection
+ Application control
– NetApps control except for web traffic such as P2P, IM, webhard, cloud-service
Easy User setting

Flexible policy formulation
+ User based policy setting
– Apply policies for each user or group
– Easy security policy establishment
– User specific statistical information / logs
+ NAT / DHCP support
– Client IP can not be identified through user authentication function
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