Who We Are

MONITORAPP is a security solution vendor that researches and develops a
variety of application acceleration and application security technologies.
Our products are based on the world no.1 application proxy technology to
ensure a fast and secure application environment. We’ve recently expanded
our services to the cloud environment for easier and faster access to our
industry-leading security technologies, making the world a safer place.

We have a vision

‘Be the industry standard for security solutions.’

Our mission is

We pursue the progress of information and communication technology to bring people closer to knowledge and to bring each other closer, for a better world.
Our Story is
In 2005, MONITORAPP started a business with launching WAF appliance. We have been specializing in application security based on high-performance application proxy technology since establishment.We’ve predicted that the cloud security service will be the fastest-growing sector in the cyber security market. With the confidence, we started to design and develop the virtual appliance and SESaaS platform from 2012. All our solutions are now also available in the cloud environment. All APPLICATION INSIGHT (AI) solutions in MONITORAPP promise to create a secure business environment for you.
Business Area is
graphic of Web, email, database, and file
Our R&D Focus on
– Inspection of Application Layer with High-Performance Proxy – Profiling & Correlation for Optimized Security for Application Layer – Threat Intelligence via Big-Data Analysis – Delivery through On-Premise & In the Cloud
All products and services in MONITORAPP are named with AI. AI stands for APPLICATION INSIGHT, meaning that we provide customer with valuable insight into various applications such as web, email, file, database, and so on. All appliances of MONITORAPP are based on dedicated OS(AIOS), which is equipped with patented proxy technology. In addition, intelligent inspection engines based on machine learning and empowered by threat intelligence platform(AICC) can be agile enough to detect any unknown threats. Whichever applications customer’s core business runs on, the APPLICATION INSIGHT solutions from MONITORAPP provides a completely secure business environment to customer.
Our Service is
– Web Application Firewall (AIWAF)
– Secure Web Gateway (AISWG)
– SSL Visibility Appliance (AISVA)
– Database Firewall (AIDFW)
– Security as a Service (AIONCLOUD)
Delivery by
graphic of appliance, virtual appliance, and SECaaS
Eco-Working with Partners
MONITORAPP’s security experts’ fast support is accomplished through a strong relationship with experienced channel partners along with a strong understanding of our customers’ needs. Our continued efforts for technology development and open communication with our partners will make tomorrow a safer world than today.
The value of cyber security extends beyond our borders and MONITORAPP’s goal is to provide a more secure world for all. With the world’s best technology, MONITORAPP can deliver the best cyber security solutions with global coverage with partners around the world. In particular, our SECaaS platform with global presence enables you to protect your business regardless of location.
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