SSL Visibility Solution
Application Insight
SSL Visibility Application
The age of more than 80% SSL communication AISVA addresses security blind spots and enhances the performance of security equipment
Protect users and organizations against evolving web-based threats
Product Overview
A security solution that provides network visibility to complete seamless security.
Encrypted traffic cannot be blocked unless it has been decrypted because it cannot detect hidden malware. However, only about 20% of existing security equipment can perform SSL encryption, and the process of decryption can cause performance degradation of existing security equipment, resulting in a delay in network response speed. This is why we need special equipment for dark encryption for SSL traffic. MONITORAPP AISVA (Application Insight SSL Visibility Appliance) completes a tight security system by providing bidirectional cancer and replication for servers and clients and combining SSL-based traffic (HTTPS, SMTPS, POP3S, and others) with Industry-leading performance and SSL acceleration cards.
Work with any security equipment, any environment.
MONITORAPP’s AISVA provides visibility to IPS, WAF, APT, DLP, etc. to work with existing security equipment for maximum performance of each security equipment. Encryption is provided for all application protocols that use standard SSL / TLS, such as POP3, SMTPS, and FTPS. It supports various protocol versions from SSLv3 to TLS1.0, TLS1.1, TLS1.2 and TLS 1.3 and various algorithms such as RSA, AES, MD5. Same visibility for IPv4, IPv6 networks.
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Cover both traffic.
Two-way encryption is possible with Server Side protection using server certificates and client-side protection with self-certification.
Ensure maximum speed.
AISVA provides the industry’s best performance by combining software encryption/decryption processing technology and hardware (SSL Accelerator Card) processing technology for SSL / TLS traffic based on Full Transparent Proxy, minimizing network delay for encryption traffic processing.
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Handle traffic quickly without certificate problems.
Automated SSL / TLS traffic screening and encryption are performed to gain visibility into outbound traffic. We made it more convenient by providing the automatic distribution of certificates required for SSL encryption and decryption. A list of applications that cannot communicate through SSL due to certificate pinning is regularly updated. It also enables self-learning and bypassing by system settings apart from just the updated list, thus eliminating problems caused by certificate pinning. To gain visibility into inbound traffic, the same certificate and private key inserted into the SSL server must be inserted into AISVA. The inserted certificate and private key are securely encrypted and managed in the system.
Support a variety of configuration environments.
Transparent Proxy technology enables easy deployment without changing network configuration. Inline type security solution in active section and out-of-path type security solution in passive section maintains existing network configuration of various security solutions. It provides NAT, multi-segment, and asynchronous network traffic handling, facilitating redeployment of network configurations for various security solutions.
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Easy to manage.
Administrators can monitor overall network traffic and SSL traffic for SSL Full Handshake and Reuse. Events are logged for all encrypted traffic that is processed, and events for bypass encrypted traffic are also logged. You can flexibly configure Client, Server, and URL to be excluded from decryption.
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