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All about SSL/TLS

1. Let us know SSL/TLS, Cryptographic Communication
If the website uses SSL/TLS to communicate between the browser and the server, it will start with https:// in the web browser address bar. It seems like a long time ago that major portal sites such as G-mail and Naver switched to Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) using the secure encryption protocol SSL/TLS. Encryption traffic is expected to exceed 80% for all industries this year. SSL/TLS, beyond the mainstream, is already real. Let me tell you what SSL is, why certificate is important in SSL, how SSL/TLS is encrypted communication, and so on.
2. The Need for SSL Visibility Solutions and Smart Choices
Security incidents continue to occur, even though we’ve introduced various security equipment to prevent attacks and Why? SSL is designed to encrypt packets sent over the network to prevent de-escalation, which in turn is a dilemma: encryption protects malicious code and illegal data-destruction attempts. SSL is being exploited as a new attack route for security attackers. With the generalization of SSL traffic such as HTTPS, SMTPS, POP3S, FTPS, etc., encryption traffic is rapidly increasing while existing network security equipment is not able to detect SSL traffic or significantly degraded when performing darkening. That’s why hackers attack you even if you’re armed with a variety of security devices. I’m going to tell you what the trap is for encrypted communications (SSL), why you need an SSL visibility solution, and how to choose a smart SSL visibility solution.
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